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Filters with high vacuum requirements and large vent areas are protected with the MDX vent panel. With a standard burst pressure of 0.05 bar at 22°C, the MDX can also be used in other system components with a medium to high pressure, as well as for vacuum and alternating pressures. Its unique one-piece design provides a combination of precise opening behaviour with a high vacuum resistance and the lowest possible weight per surface area unit.
REMBE MDX with Accessoires

RSK signalling unit

The retrofit signaling unit with tear wire.

BIRD signalling unit

Contains a ceramic bar with integrated electrical conductors, also for high temperatures.
  • Reduction of deposits: the design guarantees high pressure resistance without the need for an extra vacuum support.
  • Weight savings through three-dimensional reinforcement corrugations.
  • Low initial purchase costs: single-layer vent panel.
In case of a sudden pressure increase, the MDX vent panel will open and release the pressure from the vessel.
Applications + Industries
  • animal feed productions
  • aspiration plants
  • brewery
  • destoners
  • filters
  • food
  • food production
  • mills and grinding plants
  • mixers
  • screens
  • silo
  • spray dryers
  • wood processing

The design of the MDX makes it the ideal vent panel, even under high vacuum, lowest burst pressure and alternating pressures.

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