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Tube-End-Protection-Protective cover for discharge pipes.

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Discharge piping can become clogged, dirty or even blocked due to weather conditions such as rain or snow, or environmental influences such as leaves, vegetation or bird/insect nests. This creates an incalculable risk for the process to be protected. Effective pressure relief is no longer guaranteed in an emergency. REMBE® Tube-End-Protection effectively protects the open end of the discharge pipe against weather and environmental influences.
The protective cover made of breathable robust and waterproof PE fleece adapts perfectly to the discharge pipe due to the integrated elastic band. A 45° bevel allows rainwater to run off and prevents pooling.
When a safety device is activated and releases into the discharge pipe, the TEP detaches from the pipe and tears apart with minimal fragmentation as it flies away. The optional retrieval rope set, consisting of a 3 m expander rope, carabiner and 2 rope clamps, minimises the risk of any parts of the TEP flying away uncontrollably during disc opening. The retrieval rope set is reusable and does not need to be demounted after activation of the safety device. Additionally: The breathable material prevents pressure build-up in the pipe and the space between the safety device and the protective cover always remains depressurised. A positive side effect: condensation is minimised.

Protective cover

Integrated loop for installation

Carabiner for mounting (optional)

Retrieval rope with rope loop (optional)

Rope clamp for installation on pipe (optional)

  • Effective protection against weather and environmental influences.
  • Cost-efficient due to quick and easy installation.
  • PE fleece – no perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS).
  • Visual detection when a safety device responds.
  • Breathable – prevents pressure build-up and minimises condensation.
  • 100 % recyclable material.
  • ATEX-certified material optionally available.
Technical data
Product parameters
PE fleece
Ambient temperature
-70° C to +85°C
Nominal size
0,75" (DN20) up to 8" (DN200) *
Pressure class
Suitable for discharge pipes up to PN160 or ANSI 900lbs
With an elastic band on the end of the pipe. Optional retrieval rope set consisting of 3 m expander rope,
carabiner and 2 rope clamps available.
If required, annual visual inspection for damage
Discharge pipes behind rupture discs or safety valves
* other nominal sizes on request

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I will be happy to advise you about the most suitable rupture discs for your process. Individually, in detail and taking all relevant parameters into ­account.
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