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The all-rounder.

REMBE® Q-Rohr®
Made in Germany

Safe and cost-effective solution for indoor applications.

Safety and operating efficiency go hand in hand. The Q-Rohr® enables you to implement flame arresting and particulate retention explosion venting in closed rooms. No complicated ducts for outdoor venting or associated restructuring of production equipment are required. With the Q-Rohr® there is now nothing to prevent you from using the optimum layout for your production plant while guaranteeing the best possible explosion safety. In addition, Q-Rohr® is unrivaled in terms of running costs. Eliminating vent ducts saves you money not only on installation but also on servicing and maintenance. Q-Rohr® is also suitable for metal dusts, gas and hygienic applications. Q-Rohr® is available in the sizes DN 200 to DN 800. Customised versions up to DN 1400 are also possible.
The Q-Rohr® is ideal for indoor plants that are at risk of dust and gas explosions. Many new plants are equipped directly with the Q-Rohr® as it offers a wide range of flexible installation options. Retrofitting is also simplicity itself. The Q-Rohr® can be used to protect filters, dryers, cyclones and can be used with gases, hybrid mixtures, metal dusts, melting dusts or fibres.
REMBE® Q-Rohr® with accessories

rupture disc


The seals are available for all process conditions: Also suitable for high temperatures or sterile requirements.
  • Perfect protection of the surrounding area. Guaranteed flame arresting and particulate retention – no hazardous pressure wave effects.
  • REMBE® is the first manufacturer in the world to be certified for metal dusts.
  • The complete production process remains in the building.
  • No running costs for vent ducts or external maintenance, a visual inspection is sufficient.
  • The Q-Rohr® is a flexible solution – it can even be used in the middle of your production halls. Proximity to an external wall is not required.
  • Integrated signalling unit for reliable monitoring.
  • Noise level and rise of pressure typically associated with explosions are greatly reduced to an acceptable harmless level.
  • Immediately reusable and operational after cleaning of the flame filter and replacement of the explosion vent.
  • Process-optimised plant layout.
  • No external maintenance costs.
The special stainless steel mesh filter inlet developed by REMBE® cools the hot flame gases extremely efficiently (up to 1.500 °C (2.732 °F) or even 3.000 °C (5.432 °F) for metal dusts). This reduces the volume of gas ejected and extinguishes the explosion.
More types
  • Q-Rohr® DFE Maritime
    for exhaust ducts of Dual-Fuel Engines.
    Q-Rohr® DFE Maritime permits flameless explosion venting in the ship’s hull and thus protects the surrounding area against the consequences of an explosion. Normal operations can recommence on the ship very quickly after an explosion occurs.
  • Q-Rohr® DFE Gas
    for exhaust ducts of Gas-Fuelled Engines.
    Q-Rohr® DFE permits flameless explosion venting in the generator building without the need for costly and complex venting ducts. If an explosion occurs, neither flames nor a pressure wave emerge from the vessel. Other areas of the plant and employees working in the building have the best possible protection. Normal operation of the power plant can recommence very quickly after an explosion occurs and the energy supply is secure.
  • Q-Rohr® 6T
    Special challenges with metal dusts.
    Q-Rohr® is the world’s first protective system for flameless explosion venting to be certified for metal dusts in accordance with EN 16009. It is THE cost-efficient solution for indoor explosion safety in the metalworking industry. Expensive and complicated safety systems are no longer required.
Technical data
Product parameters*
Burst pressure Pstat
0.1 bar at 22 °C (72 °F)
Max. red. explosion pressure Pred
0.1 bar to 2.0 bar
Max. KSt value
≤ 400 bar × m/s
Operating temperature
− 10 to + 230 °C (14 to 446 °F)
* Our specialists will be pleased to assist you in finding a solution that matches your specific operating conditions.
Applications + Industries
  • chemical industry
  • chemical- petrochemical
  • hydrogen
  • oil and gas industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • recycling


Meets the  requirements of  NFPA 68

Meets the requirements of NFPA 68


Germanischer Lloyd Q-Rohr® 19496-11 HH

FM Approved

FM Approved


DE 38 22 012
US 7,905,244

Certified in
accordance with

EN 16009
EN 14797
ATEX EC type examination certificate no. IBExU 11 ATEX 2152 X

ATEX EC type examination certificate no. IBExU 11 ATEX 2152 X

ATEX EC type examination certificate no. IBExU 13 ATEX 2085 X

ATEX EC type examination certificate no. IBExU 13 ATEX 2085 X

ATEX EC type examination certificate no. IBExU 13 ATEX 2086 X

ATEX EC type examination certificate no. IBExU 13 ATEX 2086 X

ATEX EC type examination certificate no. IBExU 13 ATEX 2027 X

ATEX EC type examination certificate no. IBExU 13 ATEX 2027 X

The combination of the Q-Rohr® and isolation systems prevents pressure waves and flames propagating to other parts of the plant.

REMBE® Q-Rohr®
REMBE® Q-Rohr®
REMBE® Q-Rohr®
REMBE® Q-Rohr®
REMBE® Q-Rohr®
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  • A widely used measure to protect against damage caused by combustible dust explosions is venting with explosion panels. If a dust explosion cannot be vented into a safe area, flameless venting is paramount. REMBE invented this technology 25 years ago and its bestseller, the Q-Rohr, protects industrial plants worldwide. No matter what the type of dust/industry—food, pharma, chemical or metal dusts, hybrid mixtures or gases—the REMBE Q-Rohr can safely handle them all, keeping explosions in check. It efficiently protects personnel, the environment and equipment and ensures that manufacturing can continue safely and smoothly, even within a building. It is the ultimate explosion retention solution! This is how Man, Environment and Machine are safely protected and your Production is running smooth and efficient.
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